Saturday, March 15, 2008

Drew Returns and is Alive and Well in Indianapolis

Drew Neitzel scored 28 points in Friday's victory over the Buckeyes. In MSU's loss last Sunday to Ohio State in the regular-season finale, he totaled only six points.

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Spartans lived to breathe another day in the Big Ten tournament. "And I'll tell you, he couldn't have picked a better time to bring 'old Drew' back."

Neitzel found the dagger missing from his game this season, squeezing the life out of a gritty Ohio State team fighting for its NCAA tournament bubble existence with the assassin's cold heart that defined his junior season.

He buried a three-pointer just before the shot clock expired with 1:21 left, giving MSU a six-point advantage.

Making the shot was huge, but perhaps more important for the Spartans' current state was that Neitzel wanted the shot. When you're practically begging a natural born gunslinger to fire away, you're in trouble.

But the old aggressiveness was there along with the old swagger. Neitzel was pumping his fists, defiantly shaking his head at defenders as he rained three-pointers on their heads.

Go spartans!



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