Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recycled GREEN and WHITE Bird House

The Recycled Plastic Lumber Hanging Birdhouse by Vari-Crafts is an attractive bird house made from recycled plastic milk jugs and is in our favorite colors! - GREEN and White. Great for the Spartan on your Christmas list that loves wild bird watching and nature.

Use coupon: freeship to save on orders > $60.

This fully functional bird house is designed to attract Wrens and Chickadees. Roof is removable for easy cleaning. Hole diameter is 1 1/4 inch.

These recycled plastic bird houses are made from milk jugs to create an eco-friendly, green backyard habitat. We love them! They last for years, are strong, durable, weather resistant and very easy to clean.

You can even wipe them down with a light bleach solution if needed, and we are all about clean bird feeding stations for good songbird health.

They are our bird watchers best pick.



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