Monday, October 22, 2007

State falls in close defensive game with #1

I thought Ohio State's defense was good but not as good as they showed in Saturday's game against Michigan State. The Michigan State offense, which averaged 543 yards per game before playing Ohio State was shut down to less then 200 yards of offense. In the 17-24 loss MSU scored two defensive touchdowns. An interception ran back 59 yards and a fumble recovery ran back 26 yards. The MSU defense played well. 24 points against an average offense is good but the offense and special teams screwed up giving Ohio State 2 possessions inside our 40 yard line.

The offense was a different story.

The play calling was bad, plain out bad. We ran the ball way more then we passed and it clearly wasn't working. We did not get the ball into Devan Thomas's hands enough, and when we did, good things happened. Why don't u just keep doing it then. I didn't get the play calling, maybe they were seeing something i wasn't, but to me it looked bad.

We play Iowa next week, another good defense but Iowa has a horrendous offense. Putting up 17 points will win us the game against Iowa.

Any comments about the game or predictions for next week?


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