Sunday, June 15, 2008

Raccoons and Skunks - Beware the Scarecrow is here!

The picture is not pretty... not pretty at all.
We have a raccoon that has made it's home in our neighborhood. Growing and growing each day ravishing him or herself on garbage.

It's not that our neighbors (or us) are careless about our garbage cans. It's because Mr. Raccoon is getting smarter and smarter and more daring.
Nothing worked until we met the scarecrow.

The scarecrow is a tricky little fellow that uses humane tactics to ensure that the raccoon looks elsewhere for dinner each night.

It is a motion detection sprinkler that can be setup to aim directly at the path that a pest would follow to get you to your garbage. It can also be setup to protect your flower beds or anywhere else that you want to keep pests out of.
The most interesting thing about it is that it WORKS. We have tried all the sprays and other gadgets to stop the raccoons, skunks and stray animals from demolishing our garbage to get a hidden morsel of food at the bottom and nothing has worked until Mr. Scarecrow.

In general, what is going to be sneaking around your yard in the middle of the night near your garbage? Probably noone except the pests that you are trying to get rid of. BUT .. just in case, it was very important that if a child or neighbor wandered there .. or a neighbor's dog ... that they wouldn't get hurt. The scarecrow just startles the intruder, sprays a little water from your garden hose and accomplishes the job. Doesn't hurt anyone.

Pretty impressive! Any comments on the Scarecrow?



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