Friday, November 9, 2007

MSU to Run the ball down the Boilermaker's throat

The Boilermakers have a poor defense and the Spartans must run the ball down their throat. MSU more so than against any opponent this season has to simply show the resolve that they did in the second half of the UM game (thanks to shall we say, a full dose of Dantonio attitude directional change) and the commitment to beat people up.

MSU will score points against these guys and will success through the air only when they establish the rune. The problem is that they can’t win a shoot out. MSU has to be committed and determined and use the run and when Purdue moves 8 and 9 guys into the box, which they will, throw it.

If the Spartans can dominate at the line of scrimmage and keep Purdue off of the field the Spartans can win this game. Sure there is a lot of talk about the Purdue offense, but that D is bad! The Boiler offense can’t score if they aren’t on the field.

Running the ball not only brings the ball down the field, it also eats time off of the clock. The Spartans want to shorten the game.

I think that the Spartans harness the energy from this week and Purdue pays for it. Once again I use the secret Mark Dantonio formula and I think the Spartans get five sacks/turnovers and you see them do what they do.

The Spartans will pass effectively by putting Hoyer in a position to succeed. Rather than asking him to do what he can’t, they will put him in spots that he can do. He will be smart with the football, and make wise choices. MSU will run for over 200 yards and when the dust settles you will see the Spartans win this one 31-28.



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