Saturday, November 3, 2007

U of M 28 - MSU 24

The Boilermakers must be licking there chops right now because the Spartan DB's look TERRIBLE. The Boilermakers play a spread offense and will expose our DB's. Getting pressure on the quarterback is the way we win so we can disguise how bad our DB's actually are. So when the Spartans went in the prevent defense against U of M I knew it was over.

I can't blame the coaches because they put the players in the right position, the players couldn't make a play though. We should have had a pick numerous different times but especially on the last touchdown Michigan threw. Weaver was in the right spot at the right time but he spins like he's a ballerina and another Manningham touchdown!

I thought maybe after the first Michigan score in the fourth quarter our offense could move the ball and waste to much time for a U of M comeback. But conservative offensive play calling in tight games late in the game always kills us and this was no exception. Three straight runs when Michigan had 8 guys in the box, Dantonio and Treadwell have to reconize that. It was a good job buy the Spartans coming back in the third and fourth quarter going up buy 10 but you have to finish the job.

Offense- B they played terrible in the first half but came back

Defense- D the front 4 was good as always but DB's an safetys kill us

Coaching- B conservative play calling in crunch time- same old Spartans

Special Teams- not much to grade it on but the punting and Swenson made his only field goal so A they did what they were asked


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