Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The Nittany Lions are a good team and in all likeliness the Spartans would lose to them on most occasions. Lets get that fact out of the way, but this is not most occasions. They Spartans put themselves in a position to claw there way into a half-way decent bowl game, maybe even just a bowl, the last bowl spot. None of this is a good thing but the Spartans want to make themselves a team. Not a disappointment, they want to be a top-tear Big Ten team.

Being in the position they are the Spartans under Dantonio want to stay by there coach and clawing into a bowl game would really help Dantonio out if he does get into a little bit of trouble. Anyway to the analysis of the game:

This is very similar to the Ohio State game only one notch lower. Penn State has a good defense and an inept offense. Ohio State has a great defense and a slightly below average offense. Some keys to the game:
The offensive line for the Nittany Lions isn't as good so they won't have as great of a threat at running back and our defensive front will get pressure on the quarterback more often. If Jonal Saint-Dic has one of his great games that come out of nowhere every so often. The Spartans will be in good shape. My next key is play-calling late in the game. OBVIOUSLY Penn State won't get blown out, Penn State will have a shot at the end so two key play-calling philosophy. NOT BEING CONSERVATIVE AND NO PREVENT. Although it looked like the Spartans ran a prevent defense against U of M they actually didn't. A prevent is traditionally a 3-3-5 zone that doesn't press the receivers. They ran a zone-man scheme a couple times, sometimes they pressed the receivers. They ran the traditional prevent 2 3 maybe 4 times. Each time though it was only three men rushing. Put 4 line-men down and trust your DB's or trust that your line-men will get to the QB.

If State is able to get to the QB and don't play conservative near the end of the game. 24-14 MSU.

If they aren't 24-17 PSU.

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