Friday, June 27, 2008

An exciting new way to receive postal mail - via email

Web service Remote Control Mail systems are popping up everywhere and if you travel or work out of your home alot - this may be something you want look into.

I use Earth Class Mail - so I will specifically talk about them - but most of the remote mail / online snail mail systems are similar in functionality.

Happy Traveling this Summer on your Michigan Vacation!

Earth Class Mail opens your paper mail, scans it to PDF, and makes it accessible to you online if you desire. They don’t automatically open, or scan, any mail. (Indeed, one of the main reasons people like Earth Class Mail is that they can easily dispose of unwanted mail without its being opened.)

Instead, Earth Class Mail awaits your command: shred or recycle, or even forward-ship unopened. When you read your scanned mail online, you can have your paper version recycled/shredded or stored securely - OR for a small charge .. sent to you.

A tool like this was bound to crop up eventually, though I would imagine that many of us are not ready to let someone else open their mail. That said, the service is undeniably handy, especially for frequent travelers and small business owners.

Remote Control Mail (Earth Class Mail coupon) can cost as low as $9.99 per month for home use.
Another cool thing is that your mail will not go away.

Remote Control Mail Coupon
For a family or individual - Earth Class Mail rocks - but even better - the *business* use of digitized mail to increase productivity, especially for remote workers (51 million by 200 or road warriors, and to use digitized images to cut dramatically the $20+ lifetime cost of handling a document as paper.

There is a reason that major postal services around the world, giant private mail companies, and large enterprise customers are interested in Earth Class Mail is doing. With the convergence of digital imaging and the Internet, we’re advancing the revolution that email began.

Many of you may be concerned with security - Need not with Earth Class Remote Control Mail.
Earth Class Mail uses a Secure Online Mailbox.

Some companies advertising “Online” and “Paperless” PO Boxes do not hold your mail in a secure online mailbox – they actually email your mail in PDFs which can potentially become vulnerable to identity theft.

  • Earth Class Mail uses Security-Cleared Employees. Earth Class Mail uses or subcontracts only the most trustworthy employees. Many also happen to be handicapped veterans whose employment at good wages is something they support.
  • No Customer Information Can Be Captured in Any Way. Earth Class Mail bans all recording devices in the mail handling area. No phones, open computer ports, personal cameras, or any devices that could record or send information are allowed in secured areas. Not even a pencil is allowed.
  • I know of no similar security outside of top-secret government establishments. What’s more, once you ask Earth Class Mail to open a mail piece (i.e., in order to scan it for you), that piece is never outside a patent-pending sealed envelope unless both the mail piece and staffers in the area are on the Earth Class Mail security video.
  • You Have Complete Control Over the Level of Confidentiality. Earth Class Mail doesn’t open any mail without your consent. If a piece is ultra-sensitive, then you can either choose not to send it tothem or, if it’s already there, you can ask them to forward it to you unopened. Other companies open all of your mail because they don’t have the Earth Class Mail patent-pending technology that allows you to choose.
  • Earth Class Mail Knows Where Your Mail is at Any Time.
  • Unlike any post office or mail forwarding service, Earth Class Mail tracks every piece of mail in our system. Even the U.S. Postal Service can’t tell you where your mail is at any point in time — including after it’s been lost.
  • But Earth Class Mail can, which is why loss there is virtually unheard-of. Every piece of mail in the Earth Class Mail facility is bar-coded and tracked continuously from the moment it arrives to the moment it leaves.

Your mail is secure with Earth Class Mail.



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This look good , but for me , i wontshare my privacy with anyone.


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