Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Chris Allen had 18 points in the game against UL Monroe, Kalin Lucas had a hell of a game against Chicago State. With these amazing freshmen along with our already great team we should win the national title for sure... NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. The key to freshmen isn't if they can score or create offensive opportunities it's defense. The biggest weakness of a freshman is defense, I'm not saying they can't play D. Actually Lucas is probably one of our better defenders, because of his speed alone. But don't expect Izzo to play them alot if there defensive schmucks because Walton is a great defender and will take their spots.

Those great freshmen Lucas, Allen, and the 7' center we haven't talked about Herzog are the future of our team though. Defense will come in the next year, AT LEAST.

Point will be good for a long time.


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