Friday, June 27, 2008

An exciting new way to receive postal mail - via email

Web service Remote Control Mail systems are popping up everywhere and if you travel or work out of your home alot - this may be something you want look into.

I use Earth Class Mail - so I will specifically talk about them - but most of the remote mail / online snail mail systems are similar in functionality.

Happy Traveling this Summer on your Michigan Vacation!

Earth Class Mail opens your paper mail, scans it to PDF, and makes it accessible to you online if you desire. They don’t automatically open, or scan, any mail. (Indeed, one of the main reasons people like Earth Class Mail is that they can easily dispose of unwanted mail without its being opened.)

Instead, Earth Class Mail awaits your command: shred or recycle, or even forward-ship unopened. When you read your scanned mail online, you can have your paper version recycled/shredded or stored securely - OR for a small charge .. sent to you.

A tool like this was bound to crop up eventually, though I would imagine that many of us are not ready to let someone else open their mail. That said, the service is undeniably handy, especially for frequent travelers and small business owners.

Remote Control Mail (Earth Class Mail coupon) can cost as low as $9.99 per month for home use.
Another cool thing is that your mail will not go away.

Remote Control Mail Coupon
For a family or individual - Earth Class Mail rocks - but even better - the *business* use of digitized mail to increase productivity, especially for remote workers (51 million by 200 or road warriors, and to use digitized images to cut dramatically the $20+ lifetime cost of handling a document as paper.

There is a reason that major postal services around the world, giant private mail companies, and large enterprise customers are interested in Earth Class Mail is doing. With the convergence of digital imaging and the Internet, we’re advancing the revolution that email began.

Many of you may be concerned with security - Need not with Earth Class Remote Control Mail.
Earth Class Mail uses a Secure Online Mailbox.

Some companies advertising “Online” and “Paperless” PO Boxes do not hold your mail in a secure online mailbox – they actually email your mail in PDFs which can potentially become vulnerable to identity theft.

  • Earth Class Mail uses Security-Cleared Employees. Earth Class Mail uses or subcontracts only the most trustworthy employees. Many also happen to be handicapped veterans whose employment at good wages is something they support.
  • No Customer Information Can Be Captured in Any Way. Earth Class Mail bans all recording devices in the mail handling area. No phones, open computer ports, personal cameras, or any devices that could record or send information are allowed in secured areas. Not even a pencil is allowed.
  • I know of no similar security outside of top-secret government establishments. What’s more, once you ask Earth Class Mail to open a mail piece (i.e., in order to scan it for you), that piece is never outside a patent-pending sealed envelope unless both the mail piece and staffers in the area are on the Earth Class Mail security video.
  • You Have Complete Control Over the Level of Confidentiality. Earth Class Mail doesn’t open any mail without your consent. If a piece is ultra-sensitive, then you can either choose not to send it tothem or, if it’s already there, you can ask them to forward it to you unopened. Other companies open all of your mail because they don’t have the Earth Class Mail patent-pending technology that allows you to choose.
  • Earth Class Mail Knows Where Your Mail is at Any Time.
  • Unlike any post office or mail forwarding service, Earth Class Mail tracks every piece of mail in our system. Even the U.S. Postal Service can’t tell you where your mail is at any point in time — including after it’s been lost.
  • But Earth Class Mail can, which is why loss there is virtually unheard-of. Every piece of mail in the Earth Class Mail facility is bar-coded and tracked continuously from the moment it arrives to the moment it leaves.

Your mail is secure with Earth Class Mail.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Selling Pet Supplies for less - what an innovative idea!

The cost of gas, gas prices are rising, can't afford gas etc.. and on and on and on.

Let's change the subject for a day and talk about companies that are trying to make a difference and lowering prices. GregRobert Pet Supplies is one of those companies and thier corporate headquarters are right here in Michigan.

If you haven't heard yet, GregRobert took a bold stance this week and slashed prices on every single product in thier massive inventory. From fish food to oriole feeders - they are not offering quantity discounts or volume savings.

What a breath of fresh air given the difficult economic times that we all face these days. Officially launched at 10pm yesterday evening, this new feature offering discounts for 2 or more of the same item is across the board. You can save even more if you purchase 5 or more and the prices are slashed to extremes if you purchase 10 or more.

My aunt works at GregRoberts and I asked her if she knew the reasoning behind the slashed prices. Summarized, she said that GregRobert was looking at growing marketshare and developing new jobs through unconventional ways. Helping people save money and keeping costs down for everyone is a win-win philosophy.

Some popular products that GregRobert offers are:

Check out the great prices on pet gates too!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mosquito Control Around Water

Michigan is the water wonderland and during the summer months, that water means thousands of acres of mosquito breeding grounds.

There are health reasons to try to minimize the quantity of mosquitos that invade our living spaces - most notably West Nile Virus - but of course there are other concerns.

To get rid of mosquito larvae quickly the best method is to sprinkle Mosquito Bits in standing water throughout your property where the pests breed. This means birdbaths, creeks, water gardens, patio water gardens, places where puddles stay for long periods and other standing water areas.

The Mosquito bits will get rid of the mosquitos immediately. You should use the Mosquito bits with Mosquito Dunks, which will kill mosquito larvae for 30 days. Mosquito dunks are doughnut shaped products that float on water and slowly release bacillus thuringiensis, a natural pesticide that is lethal to mosquito larvae. Mosquito dunks are aethestically pleasing also.

Mosquito Bits is a microbial insecticide that is effective against mosquitoes. When spread over the water surface, the Bits release a biological mosquito larvicide at the water's surface. This larvicide gradually settles in the water where it is eaten by mosquito larvae growing there.

Mosquito Bits may be used in all types of standing water sites where mosquito larvae grow.

The Bits will give a quick kill within 24 hours.

Mosquito Dunks are registered for mosquito control use in all 50 States including Michigan, of course.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Raccoons and Skunks - Beware the Scarecrow is here!

The picture is not pretty... not pretty at all.
We have a raccoon that has made it's home in our neighborhood. Growing and growing each day ravishing him or herself on garbage.

It's not that our neighbors (or us) are careless about our garbage cans. It's because Mr. Raccoon is getting smarter and smarter and more daring.
Nothing worked until we met the scarecrow.

The scarecrow is a tricky little fellow that uses humane tactics to ensure that the raccoon looks elsewhere for dinner each night.

It is a motion detection sprinkler that can be setup to aim directly at the path that a pest would follow to get you to your garbage. It can also be setup to protect your flower beds or anywhere else that you want to keep pests out of.
The most interesting thing about it is that it WORKS. We have tried all the sprays and other gadgets to stop the raccoons, skunks and stray animals from demolishing our garbage to get a hidden morsel of food at the bottom and nothing has worked until Mr. Scarecrow.

In general, what is going to be sneaking around your yard in the middle of the night near your garbage? Probably noone except the pests that you are trying to get rid of. BUT .. just in case, it was very important that if a child or neighbor wandered there .. or a neighbor's dog ... that they wouldn't get hurt. The scarecrow just startles the intruder, sprays a little water from your garden hose and accomplishes the job. Doesn't hurt anyone.

Pretty impressive! Any comments on the Scarecrow?


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings

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Hockeytown is home to the Stanley Cup – again!

Using a little Motown Hockey Magic, the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in 11 seasons with a 3-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the NHL finals on Wednesday.

Brian Rafalski gave Detroit a 1-0 lead in the first period and Valtteri Filppula doubled it in the second.

2007-08 Stanley Cup Winner - Detroit Red Wings!
2006-07 Stanley Cup Winner - Anaheim Ducks
2005-06 - Carolina Hurricanes
2003-04 - Tampa Bay Lightning
2002-03 - New Jersey Devils
2001-02 - Detroit Red Wings
2000-01 - Colorado Avalanche
1999-2000 - New Jersey Devils
1998-99 - Dallas Stars
1997-98 - Detroit Red Wings
1996-97 - Detroit Red Wings
1995-96 - Colorado Avalanche
1994-95 - New Jersey Devils
1993-94 - New York Rangers
1992-93 - Montreal Canadiens
1991-92 - Pittsburgh Penguins
1990-91 - Pittsburgh Penguins

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