Thursday, November 29, 2007

Suton better start performing

Izzo has long regarded the 6-foot-10 Suton as one of MSU's most under-producing resources

On Saturday, as Michigan State struggled to defeat Oakland, Suton took over on both ends of the court like he had at no other time in his career with 15 points and 20 rebounds for his first double-double of the season.

What gives?

"He has all the skills, he can shoot from outside and he's 6-10."

Suton...It would be great for the team and yourself if you would be self motivated and didn't rely of Coach Izzo to try and drive your desire each and every game. Get a clue Suton!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Monday, November 19, 2007


Amazing victory by the Michigan State Spartans and crucial, for more than one reason.
1. It obviously sends us to a bowl game better then the Motor City

2. This sends a winning attitude going into the bowl game and the next season, expect the Spartans to make some what of a splash next year with a 8-4 record. Doesn't sound to great but we play Cal and Oregon at Oregon next year, one of the toughest pre-season schedules in college football, combine that with the schedule of the second best confrence, falling short of the SEC, the Big-Ten. We needed to win a close game this year for Brian Hoyer's confidence and thats exactly what we did.

3. Recruiting- These two impressive wins over Purdue and Penn State show recruits, although it may look bleak we do not crumble like past teams. We over-came the hump, and we made it to a bowl game which also helps our recruiting.

Now onto the break-down of the game.

Defense- Although most people would disagree if you really look at it the defense played much better in the first. Granted they scored 17 in the first half and 14 in the second. The offense was three-and-out almost every possesion other then the first in first half. They got tired, the Nittany Lions owned the time-of-possesion. The thing tht impressed me was that they didn't give up the big play like they had in most games this season. They didn't play bad in the second half, just not better then the first half, but they did stop the Nittany Lions when they needed to in the second half. As I predicted because they got pressure on the quarterback they won the game, but we played to conservative in the first half which killed us.

Offense- To conservative and to many INTs thrown killed us in the first half. Although we are a better running team then passing, we still have an All-Big-Ten reciever in our back pocket and decent quarterback. Better then decent, I actually see a huge year for Brian Hoyer next year. Not much else to say besides a nice mixture of run and pass in the second half really helped us.

Special Teams- Not much to grade on, kicks were a little to short on the kick-offs but not bad, returning was average. We had one good one but nothing really going.

Coaching- Bad job offensively in first half, good job in the second half.

Any comments

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Chris Allen had 18 points in the game against UL Monroe, Kalin Lucas had a hell of a game against Chicago State. With these amazing freshmen along with our already great team we should win the national title for sure... NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. The key to freshmen isn't if they can score or create offensive opportunities it's defense. The biggest weakness of a freshman is defense, I'm not saying they can't play D. Actually Lucas is probably one of our better defenders, because of his speed alone. But don't expect Izzo to play them alot if there defensive schmucks because Walton is a great defender and will take their spots.

Those great freshmen Lucas, Allen, and the 7' center we haven't talked about Herzog are the future of our team though. Defense will come in the next year, AT LEAST.

Point will be good for a long time.


The Nittany Lions are a good team and in all likeliness the Spartans would lose to them on most occasions. Lets get that fact out of the way, but this is not most occasions. They Spartans put themselves in a position to claw there way into a half-way decent bowl game, maybe even just a bowl, the last bowl spot. None of this is a good thing but the Spartans want to make themselves a team. Not a disappointment, they want to be a top-tear Big Ten team.

Being in the position they are the Spartans under Dantonio want to stay by there coach and clawing into a bowl game would really help Dantonio out if he does get into a little bit of trouble. Anyway to the analysis of the game:

This is very similar to the Ohio State game only one notch lower. Penn State has a good defense and an inept offense. Ohio State has a great defense and a slightly below average offense. Some keys to the game:
The offensive line for the Nittany Lions isn't as good so they won't have as great of a threat at running back and our defensive front will get pressure on the quarterback more often. If Jonal Saint-Dic has one of his great games that come out of nowhere every so often. The Spartans will be in good shape. My next key is play-calling late in the game. OBVIOUSLY Penn State won't get blown out, Penn State will have a shot at the end so two key play-calling philosophy. NOT BEING CONSERVATIVE AND NO PREVENT. Although it looked like the Spartans ran a prevent defense against U of M they actually didn't. A prevent is traditionally a 3-3-5 zone that doesn't press the receivers. They ran a zone-man scheme a couple times, sometimes they pressed the receivers. They ran the traditional prevent 2 3 maybe 4 times. Each time though it was only three men rushing. Put 4 line-men down and trust your DB's or trust that your line-men will get to the QB.

If State is able to get to the QB and don't play conservative near the end of the game. 24-14 MSU.

If they aren't 24-17 PSU.

Any comments?

Friday, November 9, 2007

MSU to Run the ball down the Boilermaker's throat

The Boilermakers have a poor defense and the Spartans must run the ball down their throat. MSU more so than against any opponent this season has to simply show the resolve that they did in the second half of the UM game (thanks to shall we say, a full dose of Dantonio attitude directional change) and the commitment to beat people up.

MSU will score points against these guys and will success through the air only when they establish the rune. The problem is that they can’t win a shoot out. MSU has to be committed and determined and use the run and when Purdue moves 8 and 9 guys into the box, which they will, throw it.

If the Spartans can dominate at the line of scrimmage and keep Purdue off of the field the Spartans can win this game. Sure there is a lot of talk about the Purdue offense, but that D is bad! The Boiler offense can’t score if they aren’t on the field.

Running the ball not only brings the ball down the field, it also eats time off of the clock. The Spartans want to shorten the game.

I think that the Spartans harness the energy from this week and Purdue pays for it. Once again I use the secret Mark Dantonio formula and I think the Spartans get five sacks/turnovers and you see them do what they do.

The Spartans will pass effectively by putting Hoyer in a position to succeed. Rather than asking him to do what he can’t, they will put him in spots that he can do. He will be smart with the football, and make wise choices. MSU will run for over 200 yards and when the dust settles you will see the Spartans win this one 31-28.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Michigan State University Basketball Tickets

Michigan State has been good, even very good at times, the last six years.
But, their surprising Final Four appearance in 2005 not withstanding, the Spartans haven't been great - as measured by the MSU fans that follow them.

The Spartan program measured by its amazing achievements from 1998-2001: four Big Ten championships, three No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament, three straight Final Fours and the national championship in 2000.

This might be the year they get back to the top. With the nucleus of last season's 23-12 basketball team returning, including All-America candidate Drew Neitzel, and the addition of an athletic and talented freshman class, the Spartans are favored to win the Big Ten and appear to be serious contenders for another Final Four and even a national championship.

Buy your tickets early, because they may be hard to get during the season.

Let's forget about the Michigan loss on Saturday and start thinking about Spartan Basketball!

Tickets for Spartan Basketball at Great Prices

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Grand Valley State 85 - MSU 82

The #8 team in the country falls to a division 2 team. Sound familiar- U of M - App. State. I didn't watch much of the game so i don't have much to say but we should be winning these games. No worries though, almost everyone is returning from last year, consider it a fluke.

U of M 28 - MSU 24

The Boilermakers must be licking there chops right now because the Spartan DB's look TERRIBLE. The Boilermakers play a spread offense and will expose our DB's. Getting pressure on the quarterback is the way we win so we can disguise how bad our DB's actually are. So when the Spartans went in the prevent defense against U of M I knew it was over.

I can't blame the coaches because they put the players in the right position, the players couldn't make a play though. We should have had a pick numerous different times but especially on the last touchdown Michigan threw. Weaver was in the right spot at the right time but he spins like he's a ballerina and another Manningham touchdown!

I thought maybe after the first Michigan score in the fourth quarter our offense could move the ball and waste to much time for a U of M comeback. But conservative offensive play calling in tight games late in the game always kills us and this was no exception. Three straight runs when Michigan had 8 guys in the box, Dantonio and Treadwell have to reconize that. It was a good job buy the Spartans coming back in the third and fourth quarter going up buy 10 but you have to finish the job.

Offense- B they played terrible in the first half but came back

Defense- D the front 4 was good as always but DB's an safetys kill us

Coaching- B conservative play calling in crunch time- same old Spartans

Special Teams- not much to grade it on but the punting and Swenson made his only field goal so A they did what they were asked

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Big One

MSU-U of M
The one the Spartans have been waiting for all seasons. But will the strugling Spartans be able to compete?

I hope yes, but it's doubtful. If MSU's defense steps up we will be in there and probably have the edge in the game, but I just don't see that happening. The let up 17 points in one half to the Iowa Hawkeyes. THE IOWA HAWKEYES!!!! The worst offense in the Big Ten. A good defense, but bad defense. The Spartans are playing a good Michigan team this week which with Mike Hart is an explosive offense and without is an average offense. Mike Hart didnt play last week, so we don't know how he will play this week, that'll be a key factor in Saturday's game. If Mike Hart isn't 100% that would be HUGE for the Spartan defense. Defensive wise Michigan is good. Not great but good. But I would say the Spartan offense is better then good but not great.

What is your take on the game?