Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July from the MSU Blog

Fireworks-related injuries are most common on and around holidays associated with fireworks celebrations, especially July 4th .

Thousands of people were treated in emergency departments in 2007 for injuries sustained from fireworks.

Fireworks Statistics

The following data and statistics show how important it is to practice safety
first when setting off fireworks. In the United States, fireworks statistics

  • The highest injury estimates are for firecrackers (26%), rockets (21%) and
    sparklers (11%).
  • Almost half (47%) of the injuries were to children under age 15.
  • Males represent 75% of all firework injuries.
  • Sparklers can heat up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt gold
    and account for three quarters of all fireworks injuries to children under
    the age of five.
  • Parts of the body most often injured are the hands (32%), eyes (28%) and
    head/face (16%).
  • Data from the United States Eye Injury Registry shows that bystanders are
    more often injured by fireworks than operators themselves.
  • The National Fire Protection Agency states that fireworks pose a higher
    risk of fire death than any other consumer product, three times that of
    burning cigarettes.

Be careful while you are having fun!



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hey happy 4th of july to everyone .


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