Monday, November 19, 2007


Amazing victory by the Michigan State Spartans and crucial, for more than one reason.
1. It obviously sends us to a bowl game better then the Motor City

2. This sends a winning attitude going into the bowl game and the next season, expect the Spartans to make some what of a splash next year with a 8-4 record. Doesn't sound to great but we play Cal and Oregon at Oregon next year, one of the toughest pre-season schedules in college football, combine that with the schedule of the second best confrence, falling short of the SEC, the Big-Ten. We needed to win a close game this year for Brian Hoyer's confidence and thats exactly what we did.

3. Recruiting- These two impressive wins over Purdue and Penn State show recruits, although it may look bleak we do not crumble like past teams. We over-came the hump, and we made it to a bowl game which also helps our recruiting.

Now onto the break-down of the game.

Defense- Although most people would disagree if you really look at it the defense played much better in the first. Granted they scored 17 in the first half and 14 in the second. The offense was three-and-out almost every possesion other then the first in first half. They got tired, the Nittany Lions owned the time-of-possesion. The thing tht impressed me was that they didn't give up the big play like they had in most games this season. They didn't play bad in the second half, just not better then the first half, but they did stop the Nittany Lions when they needed to in the second half. As I predicted because they got pressure on the quarterback they won the game, but we played to conservative in the first half which killed us.

Offense- To conservative and to many INTs thrown killed us in the first half. Although we are a better running team then passing, we still have an All-Big-Ten reciever in our back pocket and decent quarterback. Better then decent, I actually see a huge year for Brian Hoyer next year. Not much else to say besides a nice mixture of run and pass in the second half really helped us.

Special Teams- Not much to grade on, kicks were a little to short on the kick-offs but not bad, returning was average. We had one good one but nothing really going.

Coaching- Bad job offensively in first half, good job in the second half.

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