Friday, July 18, 2008

Cat Scratching's Instinct

Mother Nature knows what's best.

Cats need to survive and thrive, so they have a remarkable need to scratch. It is a part of nature and a part of being a healthy, happy cat. Scratching is a necessary part of being a cat and here are the main reasons:
  • Cats need exercise and they need to exercise claws - Scratching works cat muscles and stretches cat limbs. This is similar to a human workout. Whenever your cat is scratching, your cat is getting a workout from shoulders to toes.

  • Cats need to Scent Mark - Special glands in your cat's paw pads release a scent during scratching. Every home has a special scent. Think about the neighbors, your mother's house and so forth. It's the same way with a cat. He or she has to make his or her home smell like home. Two purposes are served when a cat mark's his or her scent in thier home: (1) a cat's feelings of well-being and security are reinforced, and (2) your cat's place in this world is marked against intruders.

  • Cat's need to Visual Mark - Visual marks like torn couches and shredded fabrics tell co-beings to respect her or her place in the world. This is instinct at work, and no amount of sprays and repellents are going to convince you cat that she doesn't need to visual mark the spot. In her mind, territory marking is very important!
  • Cats need to hone thier claws - When a cat scratchs, the outer sheath that covers each nail is shedding off to reveal a new, sharp claw underneath. This is the way a cat's nails grow and renew themselves. Scratching with the front claws on a rough object helps this process along. Cats use their teeth to bite and pull off the old claw sheaths on their back paws.

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