Thursday, August 21, 2008

Backpack Coupons for Back to School

Back to School Coupons - Check out these great deals before heading back to the dorms or your apartment at MSU.

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Moving into a residence hall for the first time is one of the most exciting and hectic events a college student will experience. But this fall, a new move-in system at MSU is expected to alleviate the chaos.

Based on the last digit of a student’s room number, each new student has already been assigned a two-hour block of time to move in Aug. 20-21. “In the past many families would plan to arrive early to avoid the crowds, but this actually created larger crowds in the early morning hours,” said Lindsey LaTour, communications manager with University Housing.

“By spreading check-in times throughout the day the demand for elevators, carts, parking spaces and traffic congestion will lessen and make more of a less stressful event.”

To see the listing of new times, visit the housing Web site at

Contact: Lindsey LaTour, University Housing: (517) 432-3807



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