Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Ten survey / MSU in the Big Ten Battleground - Campaign 2008

Michigan State University, the universities of the Big Ten Conference and the Big Ten Network have joined together to bring viewers Big Ten Battleground: Campaign 2008.

These two 90-minute programs focus on the eight states of the Big Ten Conference and feature faculty experts from Big Ten schools, including MSU.

The Big Ten area is proving itself vital to the 2008 elections. These programs will reveal the critical concerns and opinions of the region. Polling on key issues conducted in the weeks before the election will take the political pulse of more than 5,000 people.The first Big Ten Battleground: Campaign 2008 program was aired Sept. 18 on the Big Ten Network nationally.

On Oct. 23, the second program will be broadcast nationwide.

Universities of the Big Ten are coordinating the poll and participating in the show.

Both programs feature political experts from each of the participating Big Ten schools discussing the results of polling in their state.


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