Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michigan Is Our Little Sister (.com)

Appearing minutes after the conclusion of the October 25th 35-21 triumph for the Spartans over their bitter rival Michigan, celebratory electronic billboards – with witty fun-filled jabs at the Wolverines – were lit near Frandor Shopping Center (Coolidge Rd. at Grand River Ave.) as well as at the Beck Rd. exit (for westbound travelers) on Interstate 96 near Novi.

  • Leaders and Best? In Your Dreams Maybe. MSU 35 U-M 21
  • Where's the Arrogance Now. MSU 35 U-M 21
  • Leaders and Best? Seriously?? Lately? You've Got to Be Kidding. MSU 35 U-M 21
  • Holy Toledo! Bye Bye Bowl Streak. MSU 35 U-M 21
  • Oh Well, There's Always Men's Basketball. Sorry, My Bad. MSU 35 U-M 21
  • It's Not Over, And It'll Never Be Over Here. It's Just Starting . MSU 35 U-M 21
  • Pride Comes Before The Fall - Mark Dantonio, Nov 5. 2007. He Tried to Warn You. MSU 35 U-M 21
  • Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Your Football Team's Terrible, And Your Basketball Team, Too. MSU 35 U-M 21



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